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City of Houston, TX

About Speedy SSD’s

Speedy SSD’s delivers the necessary technology that businesses in Houston and surrounding areas need to succeed in today’s cloud driven environment. Our 50 plus years of professional experience combined delivers customer confidence and proven results. We provide foundational technologies that every business needs to protect one of the most important aspects of their business which is Data. Implementing any less than our recommended core services is risking your data’s integrity.

Vision For Technology

The future of Cloud technology is already here. Speedy SSD’s knows that implementing past technologies “today” places any business at a disadvantage. For this reason, Speedy SSD’s has researched and tested the best “future now” cloud services to ensure businesses have the right tools for ransomware protection, data backups, productivity, and networking.

Core Values

Speedy SSD’s strive to be responsive, professional, and hard working. Our founders are sincere and strive for technical excellence that few tech companies can produce.

Hours: Monday - Friday  9:00am to 5:00pm | (713) 364-6697 | 2909 High Valley Dr, Kingwood, TX 77345

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