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At Speedy SSD’s, our technology professionals help healthcare organizations with the core aspects of Windows 10 HIPAA Compliance. The current and most pressing issue for the medical profession is the Microsoft Windows 7 end of service that will take effect on January 14, 2020. All healthcare organizations must upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for improved security of sensitive health care data.

A few other technical services to move you towards the technical side of HIPAA Compliance is End-To-End Encryption, Automatic Log Offs, and Secure Email services. Contact Speedy SSD’s for a FREE Consultation Today!


Cyber Security Guidance Material

In this section, you will find educational materials specifically designed to give HIPAA covered entities and business associates insight into how to respond to a cyber-related security incidents.

Cyber Security Checklist and Infographic

This guide and graphic explains, in brief, the steps for a HIPAA covered entity or its business associate to take in response to a cyber-related security incident.

Cyber Security Checklist – PDF

Cyber Security Infographic [GIF 802 KB]

Ransomware Guidance

HHS has developed guidance to help covered entities and business associates better understand and respond to the threat of ransomware.

Ransomware – PDF

NOTICE: Speedy SSD’s assists to our clients with the core steps that works toward full HIPAA technology compliance. In no way can we be held liable for any HIPAA violations a healthcare organization may incur while under our support. The reason being; current HIPAA rules at times can be inexact, and violation enforcement is dependent on the digression made by the individual HHS representative. When healthcare organizations puts in place the vital technology steps and implements end-to-end encryption for all electronic client data (apps, text, email, cloud/LAN network), current Windows updates are applied, security awareness and training, responsibility protocols, security incident procedures, endpoint (primarily ransomware) protection and security event management software is installed, your HHS representative is put in a favorable position to approve HIPAA compliance. Thus, our focus is to assist healthcare to implement safeguards that serve to prepare organizations, to the best of their ability, against possible data breaches.

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